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Summer break postponed

It seemed like I had no break between spring quarter and summer, as the three-credit research practicum I signed up for started immediately. My goal was to submit two paper proposals to the AERA 2011 conference, scheduled for next April in New Orleans. The due date was today. So I’m done, right?

No! I’m not! The conference planners extended the deadline by a week. I would be done if the deadline hadn’t been extended — because my collaborators would have been forced to give me their feedback on the two draft proposals by today. Then I’d address their feedback and submit. Now, they have a reprieve. And that means I’m not done with the practicum yet.

In my heart, I’m done. The proposals are good, I think. If one or both get accepted, I’ll be happy. It means I can justify a trip next year to New Orleans, where my sister lives. If they don’t get accepted, that’s okay too. My long-term plans don’t depend on presenting papers at AERA conferences. My direction is back into industry, once I finish the doctorate.

I really miss the energy of business and of tech. Tech conferences don’t have people plan their talks almost a year in advance! It’s ludicrous that I’m submitting paper proposals for a conference next April.

Even with the extension, it feels like summer break. My older two kids finished their four weeks at sleep-away camp. I withdrew the third from her day camp since now that big bro and big sis are home, she wants to be home too. We’re going to the pool, seeing movies, playing tennis, making ice cream, hanging out. It’s fun. They’re all old enough to entertain themselves when I’m working. And they don’t need too much support when we go out. This is a great period in motherhood, I think. It’s one I’m actually pretty good at — I was never great with babies, toddlers, or preschoolers. They need too much attention and they don’t have enough ideas of their own to be interesting to me.

In a week, my summer work will be over. But I have other plans: studying to take the SAS base programmer certification so I can put that on my resume and reviewing for comps (my Ph.D. comprehensive exam, that is). I’d also like to blog a bit more. This is the start. See you soon.


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  1. Good luck on your plans – enjoy your summer with the kids – extended breaks are hard to come by in our commercial world.

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