links for 2010-09-01

  • "New research indicates that exercise also increases the sensitivity of neurons that are related to the control of the feeling of satiation. Therefore, you feel full rather than hungry sooner and/or more often.

    In rodents. So far."

  • On selection bias and measurement bias in survey data. One of my research projects is looking at another bias in survey research: response style.
  • "# Validity is a measure of the degree to which the assumptions employed in the construction of the model are thought to correspond to the real processes underlying the phenomena represented by the model.
    # Comprehensiveness is the degree to which the model is thought to succeed in capturing the major causal factors that influence the features of the behavior of the system in which we are interested.
    # Robustness is a measure of the degree to which the results of the model persist under small perturbations in the settings of parameters, formulation of equations, etc.
    # Autonomy refers to the stability of the model's results in face of variation of contextual factors.
    # Reliability is a measure of the degree of confidence we can have in the data employed in setting the values of the parameters."