Daily Links 03/18/2014

Paco Nathan’s answer to Data Analysis: What is the difference between Data Analytics, Data Analysis, Data Mining and Data Science? – Quora

The challenges circa 2013-fwd, given the rise of “Internet of Things”, real-world sensor grids, etc., are much different than the kind of math and systems used at Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Think about it: the global market segment for tractors and heavy equipment is valued at 1/4 Trillion US$, and when those kinds of businesses embrace data science, they will not be building social networks. They will be performing massive scale linear algebra for applying optimization theory to save billions on complex supply chain problems. So the people hired as “BI experts” at Yahoo! in 2000 will have almost no place, and moreover the people hired as “data scientists” at Facebook in 2010 will likely have a diminished role. The example of tractors is given as a “brick and mortar” contrast to Facebook, Google, etc., and yet it is quite real since tractors are becoming drones powered by satellite networks and remote clustered computing, well beyond petabyte scale.

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Currently evaluating Knime for its ability to do replicable analytical workflows.