Daily Links 05/14/2014

We need to shift our focus to building companies around data first and software second.

A trend in big data these days is combining different types of data to get whole new ideas about your product, your company, and the world at large. Companies can put lots of data in repositories like data warehouses or even open-source Hadoop software, but then it isn’t always easy to access.

The measurement of quality and effectiveness is a top priority for enterprises in regards to contingent workforce management, on par with “cost” and “visibility” as areas of focus. However, most enterprises lack the capabilities to accurately measure the quality of their contract talent. One starting point is to assign clearly-defined objectives, goals and milestones for all contingent workers, regardless of scope or talent level. This will allow any CWM program to gauge the effectiveness of their contingent workforce and utilize that information to make educated decisions in the future.