Daily Links 06/05/2014

School funding declined in 2012 for the first time in 35 years, reports the Census Bureau. New York was the top spender, at $19,552 per pupil, while Utah spent only $6,206.

The ultimate goal is to reduce friction, error, and deliver the value of predictive analytics accessibly and quickly. “It’s all about not treating advanced analytics as this big scary thing requiring PhD’s and a big cumbersome architecture,” Hillion says. Instead, the goal is to allow enterprises to “look at an existing business problem and get results this week.”

The two classes of women also defined “sluttiness” differently, but neither definition had much to do with sexual behavior. The rich ones saw it as “trashiness,” or anything that implied an inability to dress and behave like an upper-middle-class person….

The poorer women, meanwhile, would regard the richer ones as “slutty” for their seeming rudeness and proclivity for traveling in tight-knit herds. As one woman said, “Sorority girls are kind of whorish and unfriendly and very cliquey.”