Daily Links 06/06/2014

Weiner, who in the past life worked for Warner Brothers and Yahoo, said his company wants to build the “economy graph” which would allow LinkedIn to map jobs to skills, talent, companies and geographies.

Ever since the iPad landed in the market as a clear luxury item without a specifically defined use case, market researchers have been tracking it, alongside other tablets, to figure out what we actually use them for and where. In short, we use tablets almost everywhere we don’t use laptops, or where we would use laptops in an absolute pinch but would prefer not to: bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Tablets have filled in a particular kind of pared-down computer experience everywhere the laptop wasn’t, or everywhere that it might have been incidentally but not quite suited to the job—sitting open and waiting to be spilled on, or nestled in some blankets on a couch or in a bed, the less-than-capacious battery trickling away.