Dream painting

This painting is titled A Dream Violated. I used raw sienna, Payne’s gray, gray green, and a red-orange for accents, probably cadmium red light. In graphic design, a violator is a visual element that intentionally “violates” the underlying design. The dark blue rectangle is a violator.

What I like about this painting

  • The color scheme is energetic from the red orange circle, “raindrops” and light red scrim.
  • The more neutral colors of dull orange, gray green, and off white make the painting more sophisticated than it would be with brighter colors.
  • The composition works to my eye, with my eye first going to the dark blue violator rectangle then to the red orange circle and then finding its way up to the gray green in the upper left corner.

This painting isn’t representative of my own dream, because it hasn’t been violated. Or has it? I’m sure I can dig back into my past and find that I wanted to have a creative career: a fashion designer or a chef. But I ended up as a software engineer and then data scientist. My dream was violated long ago.