Six tips

Six things I’ve learned about painting, to create paintings I love:

  1. Less is more. Use fewer colors. When adding shapes don’t add ten, add three. Or one. With metallics, only add a little. With an accent colors, use just a pop.
  2. Use mostly neutrals, and then add pops of more saturated colors.
  3. When you get to a point you like it STOP. WAIT. DON’T DO ANYTHING ELSE. You may add more later but for now leave it as is. Let it dry. Take a photo of it. Give it some space.
  4. Add a little black. Maybe add it as a shadow, add it as circles, add it as something that looks like writing, or add it as uncertain lines (painted with a brush taped to a branch).
  5. Add a lot of chromatic white. That’s your favorite. You will love it more that way.
  6. Paint in series. Paint the same thing again and again, or the same abstract composition and color scheme and shapes. You will learn so much that way.